Thoughts at Dawn

I woke up too early this morning: 5am is not my favorite hour. But since I couldn’t fall asleep, I thought: what better thing to do than play Pocket Planes! Wait, no. I thought: what better thing to do than blog!

Not sure why, but I’ve been thinking about company names this mornin’. Why do so many companies sound like obscure first names? Toyota, Acura, Omega, Toshiba, etc… I realize that many car and computer companies are based in Japan, do they mean something in Japanese? Are there Japanese girls named Mitsubishi or Hyundai? And would that really be so weird, since there are people in America named Lexus and Mercedes? And why do so many companies abbreviate themselves? GE (whose logo has always looked like a fancy ‘H’ to me), HP, GM, BP, AT&T… I could go on.

On a more uncomfortable note, some companies should not name themselves after their founders/inspiration. I realize that it’s honorable and authentic, but Siemens? Dick’s? Really? Both are very successful organizations, but those names are just… bad.

That was a pretty long ramble about company names, but that’s what you get at 6 am. I think I’ll name my first born Motorola.

Seriously though. It’s an H.


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