I’ve been thinking about and noticing idioms a lot lately. Ever since I heard someone say “My heart was racing,” and I thought to myself how odd that was. What is your heart racing to/from? And that got me to thinking about all these other sayings.

“Once bitten, twice shy.” This is one of the most confusing sayings to me. What is it referring to? Social encounters? Vampire attacks? If anyone knows, please enlighten me.

“Warmed over.” As in, a facial expression? How are microwaved leftovers compared to insincere expressions?

“Bring down the house.” This just sounds scary. Like the three little pigs story gone wrong.

“That’s out of this world.” What world has it gone to? Obviously one where everything is freakin’ awesome.

“A chip on your shoulder”… would be hard to balance.

“Piece of cake.” Is cake easy? Not to bake! Easy to eat, I suppose. Too easy.

“An arm and a leg.” What is the value of, say, one arm? Is a right arm more valuable than a left leg? Why isn’t it “a kidney and a heart?” I know that transplants of these are very pricey!

“Apple of my eye.” Are apples the most attractive fruit? I think raspberries are pretty gorgeous. You are the pear of my eye. The banana of my heart. Okay I’ll stop.

“Baker’s dozen.” Are bakers bad at counting? Or are they just really nice and give everyone an extra?

“Bend over backwards.” I guess that’s hard, but why not “do a headstand” or “do the splits”?


Lay it All Out

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