My Top 10 Albums

A few months ago, my boyfriend Jason and I were at my mom's house for dinner, and found ourselves in a discussion of the top ten albums of all time. Obviously we each had our own ideas about which 25-minute-or-longer musical artifacts hold the most significance, and it ended up being a really interesting conversation.…

New Beginnings

When I started this blog 7 years ago, it was a place for me to explore my love of music in a new way. I have always been a playlist maker and a journaler (okay, owner of many journals), and have a preoccupation with documenting things. I really loved doing research on new bands and…

Vote Yes is Winning?

Somehow, supporters of the marriage amendment to ban gay marriage are outnumbering those who will "Vote no." According to a recent poll, 50% of Minnesotans support the amendment, and only 43 % are against it. Crazy. Honestly, what's most concerning to me is that Minnesota is considered to be one of the most liberal states.

In the Words of Sassy Gay Friend, What, what, WHAT are you doing?!

Judge Tom Head means freakin' business as he warns the public of civil unrest, civil disobedience, and possibly civil war in the event that President Obama is reelected. Where do I even start? Let's start with an angry rant, then I'll provide some logical thinking. Seriously. What, what, WHAT is he doing?! Who even is…

Day of Music

I've been super stressed out and anxious lately, so today I've decided to cram my purple noise-canceling earbuds into my head, and have a day of music. I don't much feel like talking, socializing, arguing... I'm just going to relax. Today my friends are the Dodos, Best Coast, and Kimbra.