Fresh Music: Mesita

Mesita is an indie folk rocker from Colorado. I hate to compare, but for reference, he’s a bit like Bon Iver. Except he does it all himself. No band, no recording studio. And it’s not just a guy singing with a piano or guitar. It’s legitimate, full sounding music. Impressive. Here you can listen to just about everything he’s come out with.

Grizzly Bear- Yet Again

This is fantastic. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album.

Day of Music

I’ve been super stressed out and anxious lately, so today I’ve decided to cram my purple noise-canceling earbuds into my head, and have a day of music. I don’t much feel like talking, socializing, arguing… I’m just going to relax. Today my friends are the Dodos, Best Coast, and Kimbra.

High-schoolers take over the airwaves September 2 | Local Current Blog

High-schoolers take over the airwaves September 2 | Local Current Blog.

Oh my god! Possibly the coolest thing the Current has ever done! I can’t wait to hear this.

Arlene Birt

Recently I read an article in the Twin Cities Metro mag about Arlene Birt, who combines scientific data with art to educate people about sustainability. I found her immediately interesting, not only because she’s shining a light on sustainability (awesome), but because she’s blending the distinct fields of science and art. Science and art have been made to clash in today’s society, and since I’m a fan of both, I love when someone can integrate both into their work. Here’s a link to her site,