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Jamey Stillings Celebrates Life

Photographer Jamey Stillings visualizes the world a little bit differently, with a hint of nostalgia. A lot of his photos remind me of the storybooks I read as a child, where characters live in fantasy lands where elephants tightrope across canyons and dogs dine with people. Mymodernmet thinks it’s a “celebration of the human spirit,”…

Contrasting Faces

Loving MyModernMet, as usual. Stumbled across this spread of highly contrasting facial illustrations by Alexander Khokhlov, of Moscow. Fascinating. art

What’s Missing?

In this case, just one letter. Austin Richards and Des Creedon create movie posters with one letter missing from the title. “Harry Otter,” “Seven Ears in Tibet,” easy enough to identify the movie, but the idea is very entertaining! art

Tricky Tape Designs by Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani, despite having an awesome name, has an awesome imagination. He’s based in New York, where he makes three dimensional illusions using colorful masking tape. In an article on My Modern Metropolis, Nihalani says, “I am trying to offer people a chance to step into a different New York than they are used to seeing,…

David Ajengo

Another recommendation by a friend with amazing taste- painter David Ajengo. Ajengo is originally from Spain, but lives and paints in London. The above painting, called “Relieving”, is my favorite. Here are a few others from his online gallery. art

Crayon Pointillism

Found this article on American artist Christian Faur, who doesn’t mess around when it comes to crayons. I wonder what the cashier thought when a full grown man unloaded his cart full of Crayola boxes… art

Arlene Birt

Recently I read an article in the Twin Cities Metro mag about Arlene Birt, who combines scientific data with art to educate people about sustainability. I found her immediately interesting, not only because she’s shining a light on sustainability (awesome), but because she’s blending the distinct fields of science and art. Science and art have…