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My Top 10 Albums

A few months ago, my boyfriend Jason and I were at my mom’s house for dinner, and found ourselves in a discussion of the top ten albums of all time. Obviously we each had our own ideas about which 25-minute-or-longer musical artifacts hold the most significance, and it ended up being a really interesting conversation.…

Pitchfork Picks: 10/21/12

Hoping Local Natives’ new album is solid. Seems like it, if this song is any indication. Figured some P.O.S. would be appropriate (see here) but be warned: the lyrics are explicit. Toro Y Moi- never know what I’ll get, but it’s always good. Incan Abraham is reminiscent of Beach House, Grizzly Bear, the like. Therefore,…

The People’s List- Pitchfork

After a year of polling, compiling, and analyzing, Pitchfork finally released the People’s List! It’s got the top albums (as voted by readers) in the fifteen years since Pitchfork was founded. Radiohead, of course, came out on top. alternativefolkindiepitchforkrock